The #pumpkinbeer of today is Southern Tier Brewing’s #pumpking cold brew coffee nitro.

I wasnt so sure what to expect with both cold brew and beer…and I wasn’t sure when to drink it (breakfast beer !). I decided to take on along in my late afternoon sunset paddle at Ashland State Park.

We paddled for an hour in the precious warm October sunshine before pulling into a little island. While the dogs ran around @dzzhuang toasted each either for meeting our paddling goals!

The coffee flavor was very strong, giving almost a porter like feel. we didn’t have a cooler and the beer was probably warmer than ideal, which worked well with the heavier mouthfeel. Despite the coffee-forward initial taste, it lacked the bitterness of a traditional dark beer. This is where the pumpkin flavor shines- providing a sweetness and slight hint of spice for balance, like a 1 pump, 2 shot PSL. All in all, it was a mellow yummy beer that I would definitely sip again! 🎃 🍺 #pumpkinbeer2021

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