Its officially #pumpkinbeer season and #birthmonth ! With the temps dropping and the darkness setting in, its time to shift gears away from outdoor fun and towards indoor cozy. The abundance of pumpkin around this time is no coincidence. The color orange conveys warmth, like fire. The pumpkin pie spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove are considered warming spices in the Ayurveda tradition. They are thought to increase cardiovascular activity, thereby warming the body. Also, pumpkins are yummm and since its my #birthmonth, Im gonna try and review as many 🎃 🍺 as I can!

The first #pumpkinbeer I am tasting this season is Night Owl 🦉 by @elysianbrewing. And on this chilly Boston evening with me still holding out on turning on the heat, it is the perfect warming beer. Brewed with all my favorite spices — cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger — and, of course, pumpkin, the warming effect is subtle, at first. After five or sox sips, I started to feel a warming in my heart, spreading across my chest and arms. Cheesy, but true.

As pumpkin beers go, Night Owl. doesn’t have the strongest gourdy flavor. It has a bit of a bitter start and a spicy aftertaste. There is a slight smokiness, perhaps from the roasted pumpkin seeds. Overall, I highly recommend! #fall #october #birthmonth

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