This spot-on-PERFECT brand name captured my attention among Fierce Pharma award winners for Best Marketing Campaign. I had to learn more.

The IMVEXXY ad is one of the very very few pharma spots that actually empowers its target HUMANS (not patients) by completely flipping the narrative of women experiencing menopause, all in fewer than 90 seconds.

Some examples I noted:
-From “past her prime to QUEEN
-From hiding out because of hot flashes to LEADING THE DANCE
-From being everyone’s caretaker to having a full court at HER SERVICE
-From needing medical rescue to SUPERHERO with therapeutic ALLY
-From euphemism to VAGINA
-From sexual dissatisfaction to sexual EMPOWERMENT

Kudos to TherapeuticsMD for taking the time and making the effort to deeply understand what moves and motivates the humans that you serve. Also, for recognizing that we live full lives and most health conditions are the annoying background noise. Finally, for recognizing that therapeutics are not the White Knight rescuing people in distress; they are the trusty sidekick supporting the Superheroes in each one of us.

“Dreams have always expanded our understanding of reality by challenging our boundaries of the real, of the possible.” — Henry Reed